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Things you should know before you shop
When buying property in the Westcliffe area of Colorado there are a few things that you should know before you make that final decision.

Access to your property is very important! Some subdivisions don’t maintain their roads, some only in the summer, some have year round maintenance. Properties accessed by county roads usually have year round maintenance.
If you are only coming to vacation in the summer, you might be able to get by with limited road care. If you are planning on being here through the winter season, having your road maintained is a good idea. Maintaining your own driveway needs to be consider also. This may affect the resale-ability of the property.

Well law determines in why lots are the size they are. There are basically two types of wells. First the domestic well, is permitted to properties that are 35 acres or larger. This allows the well to be used to water livestock, irrigate up to an acre of land and use the water inside your home. The second type of well is for properties under 35 acres and is called an “inhouse use only well”, only allowing use inside your home, NO livestock watering or gardening.

Department of Water Resources
POWER! Some subdivisions have it, some don’t! All subdivisions have SOLAR! It has become very user friendly, and reliable. You can start small and add later. The sun can also heat water and air. WIND works very well also. I have to add that I have lived off the grid for 11 years now, and find the biggest problem is going into town and finding out the grid is down.